The Diamondbacks Way

Another year, another administration, but the Diamondbacks are as lame as ever. With an inferiority complex as large as the roof that covers their half-filled dome full of fans of visiting teams, they struck again this afternoon... at Spring Training.

The team obsessed with its own umbrage won't back down. The team always preoccupied with informing the world of the many imaginary, media-fueled transgressions against them won't ever change.

Plunk Puig because he dissed a legend, even though it didn't really happen. Plunk Kershaw because he's... good? Plunk Justin Turner because some guy we've never heard of hit Mark Trumbo with an off-speed pitch in the first inning of a game played in March.

From 2013, the great year of the umbrage.
Damn the warnings, to hell with the ejections, full plunking ahead!

Time Warner Cable Success

They say in baseball if you're only successful three out of ten trips to the plate, then you're a pretty good hitter. Well, Time Warner Cable and SportsCapitalLetterNNetLA reaches three out of ten TV viewers in the Los Angeles market.

Congratulations, Time Warner Cable, you're batting .300 and all you had to do was screw the majority of Dodgers fans in Los Angeles to do it. Now entering a second season, too.

It's easy to blame DirecTV, Dish Network, City of La Mirada Public Utilities, Procter and Gamble, Pablo Sandoval or President Eisenhower for the neverending malaise.

But I choose to blame the people who can put a stop to this right now, but simply choose not to do so.

The Dodgers' ownership group -- Guggenjingleheimerschmidt Partners -- could stop it if they wanted to, but they proclaim they're helpless to do anything. So, they just throw up their hands, say they're a victim like anybody else and they can't do a thing. Bullshit, it's their product, on license to another party to distribute.

The organization turned their backs on fans more than a year ago.
Jon SooHoo

Time Warner Cable could stop it if they wanted to, but they ran the numbers long ago and millions of

Historical Mattingly

"George has been good for us this war."
Confederate General D.A. Mattingly after Pickett's Charge.

"We like the matchups."
British General Lord Arthur Mattingly before the Battle of New Orleans.

Ten Shocking First Half Developments

  1. Dee Gordon is an All-Star. 
  2. Scott Van Slyke is a regular center fielder.
  3. Matt Kemp usually plays in left.
  4. Josh Beckett threw a no-hitter.
  5. So did Dan Haren, if not for a replay review.
  6. Brandon League is more consistent than Brian Wilson.
  7. Adrian Gonzalez bunted for a single...
  8. ...and led the Major Leagues in stolen bases for a week.
  9. Bubbles in the dugout.
  10. 70% of Los Angeles couldn't watch.

I know exactly how you feel, Dee.
Jon SooHoo
The good news about the ongoing blackout in Los Angeles is that fewer fans get to be disappointed by the