These Sheffields Are Making Me Thirsty!

On May 7, 2002, the Dodgers and Braves played 16 innings on a school night and I saw every pitch of it at Turner Field as part of an announced attendance of 26,914. That means I saw nine full innings of baseball after beer sales were cut off.

$27 also gets you into the champagne room at a couple of strip clubs in Gwinnett County.

Gary Sheffield made me thirsty. In the bottom of the ninth, he lined a home run off Eric Gagne to tie it up. Yes, I said lined a home run. It cleared the center field wall by a few feet, at best, and it may have hit the blackout wall behind it at a slight incline.

Nomo and Glavine were the starters. They were long gone by the time Dodgers manager Jim Tracy threw out the white flag by calling Giovanni Carrara in from the bullpen for the 10th inning. The surrender backfired and Carrara pitched five scoreless innings.

It was well past midnight when Paul LoDuca broke through in the top of the 16th with a fielder's choice grounder that wouldn't look dramatic if Scorcese shot it in slow motion with Daniel Day-Lewis. Finally, Jesse Orosco closed out the bottom of the 16th for his first save in three years.

The time of game in the box score provided by Baseball-Reference was 5 hours 19 minutes.  That box score also gave me my first reminder of former utilityman Jeff Reboulet in years. Since you asked, he's apparently doing just fine these days as a financial advisor in Texas, as this picture clearly indicates.


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