A Future Bedtime Story About Yasiel Puig

The Future:
June 3rd, 2213
Kershaw, Los Angeles Unified District of Scully, USA
It's Time For Dodger Baseball (#ITFDB) + 45 min.

"Daddy, if you won't let me stay up to watch Vin ScullyClone with you, then you have to tell me a Dodgers bedtime story," she pleaded to her father.

"But honey, you know I have to watch Vin ScullyClone when he's on. On the road games they rotate Chip CarayClone or GusBot Johnson and I won't watch them."

The little girl frowned and rolled over in bed. All he could hear was the ruffle of her blanket over the distant dulcet of "that's fertilizer, says Matt KempBot to Carlos Quicken X, and here they go again for the 20th generation."

"OK, one Dodgers story. That's it!"

Before he had finished saying OK, she turned back and sat up, grinning ear-to-ear. She furrowed her brow, put her finger to her lip and ran through the endless possibilities painted in Dodger blue. "I want to hear one about Yasiel Pig."

"Pweeg, honey. 'Yuh-zeel' and say it like 'Pweeg.' A Yasiel Puig story, huh?"

He tucked her back in as the words he learned at her age flowed out again...

'Twas 13 days before the fall of Mattingly. A rook--

"Who is Mattingly?" she giggled.

"You remember, silly! He's the nice monster who bunts you to death when you're trying to win a ball game."

A rookie walks into Dodger Stadium...
His first name is Yasiel, his last name is Puig. His first big game is today, his last games were in Double-A, boy what a leap!

He took 66 for his back and found the batting cages. He met some of his teammates, Mark McGwire, guys of all ages. He got next to Luis Cruz, whose pop-ups could be contagious.
The lineup was set and the aces were wild. Batting first in the first inning and he gets his first hit!

@Think_BlueLA ThinkBlueLA.com

How quickly he learns! He gets another hit, stands on first, then the next guy hits and he jets to third! He has a souvenir and a Dodgers win is near!

Jon SooHoo

To the top of the ninth and here it begins. Brandon League can't close, the situation is grim. The aces return and they're wild again. The lead only one, one out in the books, one Padre on first and one taking a look.
A blown save is coming, it's certainly fitting! Then he does something and no Dodgers fan was left sitting.

Back to the track to catch a fly ball, the Cuban launches a missile that leaves them in awe...

Gonzalez closed his glove and looked for a witness. Nobody had ever seen a debut throw of such sweetness.

From dirt to dirt and not a bounce in between. He let it fly, Denorfia was denied and boy did they scream!

A 9-3 double play and the Dodgers win! The Padres couldn't believe it, but it was confirmed by Vin.

He waved to the crowd, still loud, singing "I Love LA" because they were so proud.
It was a lesson for all, more than a message to the league. The new Dodger has a cannon and his name is Yasiel Puig.
The End.
Jon SooHoo 
"I love that story," she mumbled half-asleep, almost knocked out by a storybook victory. "Did he help them win a World Series?"

He kissed her goodnight and turned off the light. "That's a long and wonderful story. Remind me tomorrow night."

"What about the one where Tim Lincecum is pitching and his arm actually rips off his body and it gets flung into the stands because of his crazy mechanics?"

"When you're older, little Yassie, I promise you, when you're older."

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