(Almost) Everyday Uribe

Juan Uribe is finally getting extended playing time at third base. The opening game against the Giants marks his 5th consecutive start and 6th in the Dodgers' last seven games. He hasn't done that all season.

Dodgers / Jon SooHoo
Why the hell has this taken so long? At first, it was because Luis Cruz just might be the guy. So
Cruz got the start on Opening Day, and everybody except Don Mattingly quickly looked back.

Even though Cruz got under .200 very quickly and stayed there, Cruz still got more starts at third than Uribe. Uribe was hitting around .300, so he had to leak one of the chapters of his diary.

Then, Cruz started hovering in the .120-.140 range, but Uribe still had to split time at third with Nick Punto. Uribe was drawing walks at a feverish pace, so he leaked another chapter of his diary.

Finally, but only after Cruz was allowed enough time to decompose as a Major League hitter, Uribe is getting his chance to be an everyday third baseman.

I have no illusions about who he is or what's in store for him in the future. He's gone after this year, and that's fine. Two years of his contract were a waste, let's get some value out of the third.

All stats compiled from Baseball-Reference.
Yes, we're talking about a career .251 hitter whose swings can still be wild. But he's swinging away far less and walking far more this season. He's drawn walks in 12.7% of his plate appearances in 2013. He's never had a year with a walk percentage anywhere near that.

Defensively, he's anything but a liability at third. Any left side of an infield is going to be questionable with Hanley Ramirez playing shortstop everyday, but Uribe can at least make it passable with his work at the hot corner.

He lacks range, but still has a cannon for an arm. He can still snare a line drive or charge a bunt and gun it to first with the best of them. I'll even throw in this one indisputable fact that has been scientifically proven: Juan Uribe runs pretty damn well for a fat guy. Scientists said that.

At this point in his career, he's a natural third baseman. There's nobody else on the Dodgers roster right now who plays third base as well as he does with the bat that he has.

Forget the past, forget the waste, forget the future and look only at who the Dodgers have and how Uribe is performing. There can only be one conclusion...

Juan Uribe should be the Dodgers everyday third baseman until he's unable, unseated or unavailable.
Juan with the double point after the double.
Point away, Juan, point away....
Dodgers / Jon SooHoo