Donnie Earned A Matty Today

There's a new statistic for managers. It's called a Matty and I'm keeping track of them from now on. It's more than just bad managing. It's more than just Don Mattingly.

I can't keep a statistic for just bad managing with Don Mattingly. I need a simple, small number. I need a statistic for when bad managing really goes that extra mile. This is when bad managing somehow leads to a way to stick it to a rookie one more time.

Matt Magill came into the game today knowing he was probably going to be sent back down to the minors immediately after it was over. His day sucks. He then proceeded to give up three home runs and walk eight batters through five innings. His day sucks even more.

The Dodgers, even with Magill's lousy pitching, are somehow down by only three runs after the 5th inning. His day sucks a little less now. And remember, they're playing in Colorado, where a three-run deficit means nothing in a ballpark where Justin Bieber could hit 20 home runs playing everyday. His day sucks a little bit less than Justin Bieber, now.

But that's when Don earned his Matty today in Denver. That's when he went that extra mile higher. He gave the thumbs up for the 6th inning and Matt and the Rockies created a statistical hell the world had never seen.

Magill had already thrown about 100 pitches. but Mattingly left him in. He then walked the other pitcher on four straight pitches. That's nine total walks, but Mattingly left him in.

The next batter is a guy who already hit one of those three home runs, but Mattingly left him in. The Dodgers were down by only three runs in the 6th inning with the top of the lineup coming back around, but Mattingly left him in.

Then, it happened. Dexter Fowler hit a home run and Matt Magill became the first pitcher in the modern era of baseball to give up four home runs and walk nine batters in one game.

Matt and Melissa Magill. He'll be OK.
No pitcher in nearly 100 years had ever done that until Don Mattingly presumably said "screw it, let the kid pitch the 6th" today at Coors Field. He needlessly let a rookie who had already thrown 100 pitches in five gruesome innings go out for more when there was still a chance to win.

Instead of patting him on the back after the 5th and saying "nice start kid, you got through it and we're still in it, thanks," Mattingly instead chose to pat him on the back after the 6th and say "you took one for the team by staying out there that long, thanks kid."

Matt Magill was on his way to Albuquerque no matter what happened. Some would say he was destined to go long today because he's on his way out, the Dodgers are hurt and the bullpen is shaky anyway. That explains leaving him in for five full innings, walking eight guys and serving up three home runs while reaching 100 pitches with nobody warming up in the bullpen.

But only one thing can explain leaving him in to face Dexter Fowler. Only one thing helps define what happened out there today. It's a stat that I just made up that helps quantify the type of manager who would inexplicably give up on a game against a divisional rival and let a rookie make absurd statistical infamy at the same time.

It's a Matty. Mattingly earned one today, but Matt got stuck with the real stats.

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