Doubleheader Break: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Looking back at the futility in the first game of a doubleheader against the Yankees...

Ronald Belisario committed two errors on one play. He either misjudged a bloop pop up straight back to the mound or he let it drop on purpose to try for the double play. He then belatedly threw wide of second base. One more error on that play and Belisario would've earned a second
unfortunate comparison to Tommy John, who once committed three errors on one play and whose surgery Belisario had in 2005.

Sucking at second with Schu and Sax. Skip Schumaker committed two errors at second base this afternoon, one for letting a ball clank off his iron glove and the other for a wild throw to first base. He looked as bad as Steve Sax did in that memorable 1983 season when Sax had 30 errors at second. I checked, and yes, Steve Sax did have an error 30 years ago today in a Sunday afternoon game at home against the Reds, according to Baseball-Reference.

The following stat is a Lazlow Metric...
The Yankees brought in David Robertson to pitch after the Dodgers scored two runs in the 8th to make the game interesting. He walked Andre Ethier and Juan Uribe with his first nine pitches. Skip Schumaker then popped out for the second out. Of Robertson's first 13 pitches, 10 were called for balls when A.J. Ellis killed the rally on one pitch with a groundout. Ellis was averaging 4.34 pitches per plate appearance coming into today, which would be among the best in the Majors if he qualified.

Looking ahead to futility in game two...

Major League Baseball retired Jackie Robinson's #42, Mariano Rivera is the last player to wear #42 and is expected to retire after this season. Outside of Jackie Robinson Day, there are only three more possible opportunities for the Dodgers to ever see a #42 on the field: the second game today and the two-game Yankees series at Dodger Stadium at the end of next month. That's a good thing, because Rivera earned his 633rd career save today with a 10-pitch 1-2-3 9th inning that included two strikeouts.
Dodgers / Jon SooHoo
Chris Capuano enters the game tonight with a 5.45 ERA, but he has a decent chance to get it under 5.00 with a good showing. If he can stay under two runs through seven innings, or give up no runs in as few as three complete innings, he'll get under 5.00. If Capuano throws seven scoreless innings tonight, he'll fly home to San Diego early tomorrow morning with a lower ERA (4.50) than Matt Cain (4.54).

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