My Dad's Scorebook

The best gift my late father ever gave me was his old baseball scorebook. A no hitter, All-Star games and names like Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Duke Snider and Yogi Berra are in it.

The pencil and typewriter ink are faded, but you can still see the balls and strikes of Carl Erskine's 2nd career no hitter on May 12, 1956 against the Giants...

The Dodgers won 3-0. Erskine 0 H, 2 BB
He also typed out box scores for some games, including Erskine's no-no.
The most impressive thing about my father scoring these games is he did many of them at home in New Orleans listening live on the radio. He didn't have what I abuse often when scoring games myself: DVR and MLB Gameday! All he could do to score the game correctly was listen closely and write quickly.

He scored that no hitter when he was 14 years old. He continued scoring games in that scorebook after he was married and living in Southern California. He was either at this Dodgers game in 1966 or he listened to Vin Scully on the radio.

It took the Braves about two hours to beat the Dodgers 2-0 on July 10, 1966.
Don Sutton came on in relief in the 7th inning for Claude Osteen.

I love looking at all the random games he chose to score, from the MLB and AAA games over the radio or in person in the 1950's and 60's to a softball game in La Mirada, California in the early 80's.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Thanks for the baseball memories!
Orioles scorecard, Baltimore at Detroit, July 16, 1966.
Dave McNally no doubt appreciated his team's 4-run 1st inning.
A portion of Little Rock at New Orleans, May 14, 1956.

A portion of a Red Sox-Tigers game from the 1950's.
A portion of the Yankees scorecard from June 13, 1956.
Believe it or not, fewer than 12,000 people were at Yankee Stadium
to watch the home team lose to the White Sox 7-5.
What I can only assume was a softball game my dad scored in La Mirada, CA in 1982.

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