Only One Safe Bet on Vin Scully Odds

Jon SooHoo / Dodgers
August, 2012
Vin Scully is the greatest broadcaster who has ever lived.  Each game he's on the air, he treats baseball fans to stories, euphemisms and expressions that are uniquely Vin. 

While some other play-by-play guys ham up standalone catchphrases or puke out their so-called signature lines with bombast and aplomb, Vin effortlessly studs his calls like a jeweler-poet.

There's only one guaranteed thing Vin will say in any broadcast:

"It's time for Dodger baseball!"

ITFDB is an everyday starter in Vin's broadcast lineup. It's perfect Vin, too. It's a humble, straight-forward expression.

By the way, in broadcast newswriting, ITFDB is the perfect first line of a lead story. It's in the present tense and it hooks the audience for the next three or four hours.

After ITFDB, Vin's lineup has some everyday players from his team of stories, expressions and euphemisms, but they get a rest every now and then. Others play only once in a while, like the other night when he said a throw across the diamond was like "a poached egg." It's that expression that helped inspire...
The odds on awesome things Vin Scully might say tonight...

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