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According to Baseball-Reference, the Diamondbacks have a payroll of about $86-million this year. The Dodgers have about $87-million on the disabled list as of today.

Not so cool coincidence if you're Luis Cruz... entering the series against Arizona, Luis Cruz and
Dodgers pitchers combined had the same number of ABs (107) on the season. Dodgers pitchers are batting .187... if Luis Cruz was a pitcher, then the combined batting average for Dodgers pitchers would drop to .164.

Andre Ethier has looked pretty bad, at times, playing CF. Originally, it was said he was going to get one or two starts there because of injuries and roster shuffling. But here we are more than a week and a half later and now, 85.7% of Andre Ethier's career starts in CF have happened this month. It goes up to 87.5% the next time he (inexplicably) starts there again.

Pray for forgiveness this Sunday in Albuquerque... Matt Magill gave up a combined 15 BB and 5 HR in 9.2 IP during his last two starts. Matt Magill had a W(HR)IP of 2.174 in back-to-back Sundays.

Yasiel Puig won National League Player of the Week honors with these absurd stats:
... his 1st walk was intentional.
... his HR to K ratio was 1:1.
... he hit his 1st 3 HR with Luis Cruz on base.
... he hit for the HR cycle (solo shot thru grand slam) with his first 4 career HRs.
... and by the time I finished writing this blog on Monday night, his BA had risen to .500.

Although Puig had two assists in the outfield last week, including a game-ending double play in his first game, he did have an error. Yasiel Puig's career fielding percentage after one week was .917.

Puig only had 12 attempts playing in RF and CF, so obviously that stat is a little skewed. In more than 600 career chances, Dee Gordon has a career fielding percentage of .952.

By the way, Vin Scully was silent for 1:27 after Puig hit the grand slam last week. Scully was silent for 1:08 after Kirk Gibson hit his HR in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

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