On Braun, Brandon, Bautista and a Blimp

The outrage from fellow Major Leaguers against Ryan Braun for his suspension over performance-enhancing drugs has been far more robust and uniform than I expected. Their instant, public demonization of Braun shows clubhouses are getting further away from quiet acceptance and closer to universal rejection of PEDs.

Don't worry about a player cashing in with a big contract after he dopes. Don't worry about what Matt Kemp thinks about the 2011 National League MVP. Appreciate the improvement in a culture that only ten years ago looked the other way for Barry Bonds or Eric Gagne, but now openly shames Braun.

Brandon League picked up the win last night.
This horrified and amused Lazlow.
Jeff Gross / Getty Images
(Lazlow) -- Some stats seem silly, even without sabermetrics. It's easy to argue that wins give no insight into the quality of a pitcher, but they do say a lot about the club. The Dodgers' top five
pitchers in wins are Clayton Kershaw (9), Hyun Jin-Ryu (8), Zack Greinke, (8), Brandon League (4) and Ronald Belisario (4).

Phrases like "run support" and "blown saves" come to mind. "Broken clavicle." "Sometimes struggling but still steady Korean."

Jose Bautista is aggressive as hell when it comes to Twitter. He'll follow just about anyone, even me. I've never been to Toronto, I couldn't have named the manager of the Blue Jays until two days ago and I still don't know how to properly pronounce Garth Iorg.

That's one theory about following a group of people large enough to fill Dodger Stadium. The other theory is that an All-Star slugger and millionaire saw in this particular Dodgers fan a kindred spirit, maybe even a life coach. He awaits my guidance and insight, delivered in 140 characters or fewer. Either way, this Bautisto fellow is a class act. I've loved him for years.

Dodgers Photog blogger Jon SooHoo took a ride in the Goodyear Blimp recently.
He spotted the staging area for Juan Uribe's monthly empanada supply.
Later, he found Juan himself on the field, sprawled out like a turtle on its back.

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