Taunts, Cruzing and Leatherless All-Stars

It's fun to get taunted by a last place team... Buster Posey taunted Yasiel Puig last night in the 9th inning. Yes, it was a taunt:

A catcher normally stands that far off the plate for a pitchout. He was off the plate so much, he had to reach back to catch the third strike. The entire world might already know Puig's biggest weakness is the outside pitch, but Posey went the extra mile off the plate to demonstrate it.

Sergio Romo had a more obvious taunt moments later. He mocked Hanley Ramirez with the "I See You" gesture after Hanley made the final out.

Luis Cruz has taken his magic act to New York... His first trick is to suddenly appear in the middle
of the season and be surprisingly clutch. He's gotten four hits in four games as a Yankee, including a double, and three RBI. He then pulled some limited, lumbering defense out of a hat, getting an error his first day. His third trick is to disappear the following season and get cut after something like this:

Lazlow Metrics Below

Glove not necessary... Joey Votto will get the start at first base for the National League in the All-Star Game. The Reds slugger leads the league in errors (10) among first basemen. Adrian Gonzalez (8) and Freddie Freeman (7) of the Braves are second and third in errors, and are on the Final Vote ballot.

A little help, please... Puig has scored a run after nearly one-fifth (18%) of his plate appearances. Pretty impressive, but imagine if the Dodgers actually hit better with runners in scoring position (.247) or with runners on base (.242).

How to WHIP a BS... Brandon League and Jonathan Papelbon both have four blown saves and have given up four home runs this year. League is no longer the Dodgers closer, but the Phillies aren't thinking twice about Papelbon. It probably has something to do with Papelbon's ERA (1.87) and WHIP (0.86). League triples the ERA (6.16) and nearly doubles the WHIP (1.60).

Tim Federowicz made fun of Davey Lopes' mother once. Once.
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