A Shotgun Satellite Marriage

Oh, DirecTV,
why do I put up with thee?
Your football is exclusive,
your rates are abusive.
I'm stuck with you
for Dodger blue.
Reception doomed
by an average monsoon.
A little sand storm,
static is the norm!
One little shower,
like there's no power.
What are those songs
when the games are not on?
After eleven the cycle is complete,
then the Muzak repeats.

The same screen makes me loco.
The same logo makes me scream.

There is a saving grace.
DirecTV does save face.
They're not the fools
who develop blackout rules.
Scully made the trip,
but I have to flip.
So I fume,
 watching Berthiaume.

No night with my pal,
 the game is on KCAL.
Should I skip it,
when not on Prime Ticket?

Fuck it, it's raining.
Suck it up, there's always radio!

Checking satellite settings...
another update, I'm betting.
This will take a few minutes?
Every man has his limits.

Reception I disparage,
that monotonous filler.
A shotgun marriage
with DirecTV, the biller.



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