Better Late Than Never

So I went back this morning and watched the great comeback last night. I fell asleep on the couch and missed the final innings. Scully's call and the crowd noise stirred me up long enough for a muffled "wow" before I rolled over for another 90 minutes.

Rolled over just like the Rays.

Dodgers / Jon SooHoo
Fernando Rodney was chucking fastballs with as much care as a mascot with a nitro-boosted t-shirt
cannon. Just flinging them in there with little movement. Skip hit a single, Mark found a fly ball triple, and back-to-back doubles drowned the Rays.

Dee Gordon whiffed on three straight strikes.

With the game in a knot, Rodney walked Yasiel Puig to get to Jerry Hairston, who appeared willing to play the role of the goat. The party-pooper, the game-ender, the inevitable defeat, all in Jerry's lazy comebacker to the mound. But Tampa Bay's salvation skipped into centerfield.

Rodney threw wide of the wrong Ray.
Adrian Gonzalez, who only moments earlier stood on second base after hitting a game-tying double with the expression of a man picking up his dry cleaning, crossed home plate with his arms outstretched and skipped his helmet like a rock off a pond.
Shredder skipped to save his shins.

For the record, "falling asleep on the couch" isn't a bad excuse, relatively speaking, for missing the final two innings of that game. "Went to bed" demonstrates intent. Besides, I had my reliable DirecTV service recording the game.

Missed out on the fun? So did Dee.

Andre Ethier just does not understand the sport of fencing.

Dodgers / Jon SooHoo

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