I'm Done With Deefense

It's time to close the book on Dee Gordon. He's not a capable Major League shortstop and has no business playing for the Dodgers. He's not a starter, he's not a defensive replacement. He's a guy with great legs, a small bat and no glove.

Juan Uribe consoles Dee after yet another error.
Dodgers / Jon SooHoo

He's been up and down with the Dodgers for almost two years. He's gotten 1275 innings under his
belt in 150 games, has 34 errors and a .947 fielding percentage. We've seen enough. It's over.

Not only do I not want him anywhere near the postseason roster, I don't want him around on the 40-man roster when Opening Day rolls around next year. What's the point of having a guy if he can't even make 95% of routine plays at a critical position?

He'll be gone as soon as Hanley Ramirez is ready, and I really don't even want him back in September when rosters expand. Been there, done that. A pinch runner off the bench for the final month of the season? Fine, if you must. Just quarantine all leather and keep it no less than 50 feet away from him at all times.

I ran a search for flights on Orbitz last night after Dee's third error.
The Dodgers could've shipped him back to Albuquerque by daybreak for only $257.

Speed is one of the least important attributes for a Major League player, and I refuse to allow his tantalizing legs and the promise of stolen bases to distract me from the fact that he's a .254 career hitter who embarrasses himself and his team on national television.

Make no mistake, that's what it was-- an embarrassment. His body language on that final error was awful. He charged a slow roller, had the slightest bobble and just gave up, resigning himself to his third error with the best starting pitcher in the game standing ten feet away from him.

If there's any defense of Dee, pun intended, I'd like to hear it. Just ask yourself one question, do you want this guy fielding a ground ball in a 1-0 playoff game? Didn't think so.

Let's move on, please.


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