Scoring Kenley's Perfect Game

Kenley Jansen just finished throwing a perfect game. Sort of. From the final out of an appearance against Toronto last month through the second out of his appearance tonight in St. Louis, he saw 27 batters in ten different games and retired them all.

Kenley grinning during his perfecto.
Dodgers / Jon SooHoo
His perfecto began on July 23rd in Toronto when Brett Lawrie flied out to Carl Crawford to end the game, earning Kenley his 12th save of the season.

He clinched it on August 8th in St. Louis when Matt Holliday struck out for the second out of the
9th inning. David Freese immediately singled to end the streak, but Kenley held on for his 18th save.

  • 27 consecutive batters retired
  • 21 different players
  • 15 strikeouts
  • 10 appearances
  • 8 perfect appearances
  • 7 saves
  • 6 straight strikeouts for final outs
  • 5 different teams
  • 4 different stadiums
  • 3 different time zones
  • 2 different countries
  • 1 perfect game
  • 0 doubt about who the Dodgers closer is

Here's what the scorecard would have looked like if it was one game. He only had three strikeouts in the first four "innings," but added 12 more over the final five frames.



  1. Well, considering you ignore the batter's results prior to the first batter in the streak of 27, then I propose a Perfect Game be given to the Cardinals' pitcher, Shelby Miller. This year in a game the first batter hit a bloop single. The next 27 batters all made outs. No walks. No errors. In terms of your logic--ignoring a previous batter--a Perfect Game.

    In either circumstance, quite a snazzy bit of pitching.

  2. You might be taking this a little too seriously. This is a Dodgers blog and Kenley Jansen did something that's fun to represent on one scorecard to Dodgers fans. Expanding upon Kenley's feat isn't intended to be a standard to exclude others or re-define a perfect game (Miller obviously came within one swing of nailing it), I'm simply writing a blog about the Dodgers, not the Cardinals.

  3. Not a problem. Just making a point as well. Blog away. Cards announcers made the point about Jansen last night, too. They recognized it as something special.