On Naps, Emergency Gloves and Being Ruthless

The West has been won and it's time for the Dodgers, including Tommy Lasorda, to get some rest in San Diego.
By my estimate, Tommy has napped in 27 of the 30 current MLB ballparks.
It's time for Dee Gordon to muff, bobble and throw away his slim chance for a playoff spot. He has a reprehensible 7 errors out of 107 defensive chances this season.
It's time for Michael Young to put his third baseman's glove down, put his hands in the air and slowly walk away. While he's at it, he should put his iron first baseman's glove in a glass case with a hammer chained to it. The sign above it will read "For Emergency Only." His bat off the bench is a big asset and he will contribute meaningfully the rest of the way.

Jon SooHoo
Clayton Kershaw lost control of a 93-mph fastball last night and buzzed Chris Denorfia's head. AJ Ellis, God bless his clutch-hitting, gunslinging soul, didn't come within a foot of catching it. The ball hit the backstop about the same time the ground stopped Denorfia's back. His helmet rolled off, coincidentally revealing a pattern of baldness perfect for a Friar.

Kershaw flashed his teeth in an unmistakable "oh shit" grimace and walked a few steps forward in an instinctive show of respect. Don't call him sympathetic, though. The count was 2-2. The very next pitch rolled off the table at 74-mph, bullseyed the plate on the way down and curved every knee within a quarter-mile of Petco Park.

Kershaw, you marvelous bastard.

After being told by Yoda "there is no try," Yasiel Puig hit a 457-foot home run over the CF wall at Petco Park.
Jon SooHoo


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