Let's Bring Him Back Juan More Time

The Dodgers have a lot of big, expensive decisions to make over the next few months. Don Mattingly's future needs to be defined and Clayton Kershaw's contract needs to be settled. Then they have to figure out what to do at second base, whether it's time to extend Hanley Ramirez and whether to keep paying four everyday outfielders.

But there's one simple, smart, cost-effective roster decision that can be made over the next few weeks. It would provide continuity on the field and it would be a smash hit in the clubhouse.

Jazz hands in playoffs = good thing
Resign Juan Uribe.

That's right. The same guy who one year ago we, very rightfully, wanted him released and forgotten about, has earned another contract with this team.

We need his glove locking down the hot corner, we like his bat providing a little pop in the bottom of the lineup and any guy who is generally referred to as "the best teammate" on a team where he did literally nothing for two out of three years is a testimony to his character.

Yes, a little good character goes a long way. Think about what this guy went through. He was hurt or otherwise benched for two years. He came into Spring Training behind Luis Cruz, a career minor leaguer, on the depth chart at his best defensive position. He even lost more playing time to Nick Punto, of all people!

Yet, he endured. He took advantage of the few chances he got to play during the first two-and-a-half months of the season, and the Dodgers were rewarded with an everyday third baseman you could plug into the lineup and forget about. That's something only Casey Blake has managed to accomplish since Adrian Beltre left.

Uribe is 34 years old and this is likely the last time he'll be able to get a multi-year contract on the open market. The Dodgers should give it to him. Two years is fine, a third only if it's a team option.

Who cares if he has a reputation for being a contract year player? He's a winner, he has a great attitude, and he had the home run swing that gave the Dodgers the last lead they ever needed in the NLDS.

That was just Juan being Juan.

Also dominates at dominoes.
In case you missed the entries from Juan Uribe's Diary earlier this season when he was banished to the bench...

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