Wishful Thinking

The Dodgers don't have much of a bench right now. The situation is so dire, Dee Gordon has a legitimate shot at earning a roster spot. Suddenly, I miss Nick Punto.

Andre Ethier agrees with Matt Kemp that they shouldn't lose playing time because of a four-man outfield. Given Yasiel Puig's love of running into walls at full speed, Carl Crawford's hamstrings aren't carbon fiber and Kemp still can't even jog to first, it remains presumptive to assume these four will be healthy at the same time. Ever.

Despite Andre's rage, he is still just a rat in a cage.
Jon SooHoo
Barry Bonds is with the Giants at Spring Training, serving as an instructor. I can't get that thought out of my mind. Barry Bonds actually interacting with people in a positive, potentially instructive and helpful manner.

This has to be the end result of a long-term socialization process for Barry. It probably started with very modest tasks, like sitting in a room for 30 minutes with another person and not make violent threats. Within weeks, he had learned how to make eye contact and scowl only occasionally.

By the way, this arrangement does provide Barry the opportunity to see what a World Series ring looks like. Hell, Santiago Casilla has two of them. Maybe he can hook Barry up?


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