Consider Sellers?

Consider the case of Justin Sellers, who was traded to Cleveland for cash considerations.

Once upon a time, he had a considerable glove, but an inconsiderate bat. He regressed so considerably that I can't imagine more than a few teams considered him.

His considerable weaknesses left the Dodgers few options to consider when he was designated for
assignment. All things considered, this is a considerably good deal for the Dodgers.

But considering it's the Indians, I'm sure the cash will be considerably less than the Dodgers were considering.

It would be unfair not to consider how Justin is doing right now, considering what's happened. He should consider a Chief Wahoo tattoo to endear himself to his considerably different environment.

Jon SooHoo took this picture one year ago. It features Luis Cruz and Sellers,
who were in the starting lineup on Opening Day.
I apologize for that cold shiver down your spine.

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