Ten Shocking First Half Developments

  1. Dee Gordon is an All-Star. 
  2. Scott Van Slyke is a regular center fielder.
  3. Matt Kemp usually plays in left.
  4. Josh Beckett threw a no-hitter.
  5. So did Dan Haren, if not for a replay review.
  6. Brandon League is more consistent than Brian Wilson.
  7. Adrian Gonzalez bunted for a single...
  8. ...and led the Major Leagues in stolen bases for a week.
  9. Bubbles in the dugout.
  10. 70% of Los Angeles couldn't watch.

I know exactly how you feel, Dee.
Jon SooHoo
The good news about the ongoing blackout in Los Angeles is that fewer fans get to be disappointed by the
pairing of Orel Hershiser and Nomar Garciaparra alongside Charley Steiner for road games on SportsNetLA.

I was hoping for a more polished broadcast. Instead, Steiner gets too silly and is indulged far too often by Nomar and Orel. On the radio side, Steiner's tendency to wander away from the game tends to be checked by Rick Monday's gruff focus. Without Monday, we too often get indulgent giggles galore and the "I have a joke, too" mentality at the expense of competent game-calling.

But hey, I'll look at the bright side. None of these guys are as incompetent as Eric Collins, as buffoonish as Steve Lyons or as pukingly over-the-top as Duane Kuiper.

So three guys to do the job that Vin Scully does by himself. Which makes me wonder. What does Scully do when he's not calling those road games?

I imagine him sitting at home with a pregame tuna salad sandwich, half-eaten. Maybe some chips too, and then a cookie around the 7th inning. He's wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a crisp pocket square, his scorebook butterflied and filled out diligently. Slippers. He has to be wearing slippers.

Maybe he has chores to do around the house. He takes out the garbage after the 3rd inning. Has to load the dishwasher before the 5th. Probably calls his cable or satellite provider at some point to ask about SportsNetLA, too.


Dee helps another candidate for CF find his position.
Jon SooHoo

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