Time Warner Cable Success

They say in baseball if you're only successful three out of ten trips to the plate, then you're a pretty good hitter. Well, Time Warner Cable and SportsCapitalLetterNNetLA reaches three out of ten TV viewers in the Los Angeles market.

Congratulations, Time Warner Cable, you're batting .300 and all you had to do was screw the majority of Dodgers fans in Los Angeles to do it. Now entering a second season, too.

It's easy to blame DirecTV, Dish Network, City of La Mirada Public Utilities, Procter and Gamble, Pablo Sandoval or President Eisenhower for the neverending malaise.

But I choose to blame the people who can put a stop to this right now, but simply choose not to do so.

The Dodgers' ownership group -- Guggenjingleheimerschmidt Partners -- could stop it if they wanted to, but they proclaim they're helpless to do anything. So, they just throw up their hands, say they're a victim like anybody else and they can't do a thing. Bullshit, it's their product, on license to another party to distribute.

The organization turned their backs on fans more than a year ago.
Jon SooHoo

Time Warner Cable could stop it if they wanted to, but they ran the numbers long ago and millions of
Dodgers fans aren't in the equation. They'll lose money, for sure, but not enough to make a big difference in the grand scheme of things, so they'll just wait on the sidelines, pointing fingers at other providers, hoping to scrape up a few new customers here and there. So cry all you want, but you won't change the math they figured out long ago.

Hey, look at the bright side. That's 70% of the market unable to listen to the monotone Alanna Rizzo regale us for 30 seconds with five seconds' worth of information already splashed on a fullscreen graphic three or four times per game.

Don't cry foul on that one-- it's a fair critique. I prescribe a little expression in the delivery, with some over-the-counter inflection, as needed. Drink lots of fluids. Plenty of sleep. Emote.

Another time I'll take up the seemingly hopeless cause of Nomar GarciaNotReadyForMarketNumberTwoparra in the booth.

Back to Time Warner Cable...

Oh, I already made my point. None of you matter. Didn't you get the memo a year ago?

Enjoy the radio, enjoy a nominal monthly fee to fool MLB.TV into thinking your screen is in Montana, enjoy not being able to watch the team you love because the Dodgers' ownership and their television partner decided more than a year ago that you just... don't... matter.

By the way, where the hell is Matt Kemp?

These guys were still in preschool the last time a Dodgers game was accessible on TV in Southern California.
Jon SooHoo

If there was such a crime as "lawn abuse," this would be it. Felonious lawn abuse.
Jon SooHoo

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